Community Hall: 1306 Seymour Bay Rd.
The Seymour Arm Community Hall functions as the  central meeting place for our community throughout the year.  Various community activities and celebrations  are hosted here.

The Community Hall is available for rent, inclusive of chairs, tables and kitchen facilities.
For further inquiries, please contact a member of the SACA executive.

The Community Wharf: located at the  junction of Abbott Rd. and Daniels Rd.
SACA currently owns and operates the community wharf. It serves as a seasonal boat launch and is important for emergency services.
Wharf memberships are available: $40 per year
Fees, payments and wharf passes are available and received at the SACA booth at the weekly Seymour Arm market in the Summer. As well, there is a payment system adjacent to the wharf.

Water Pumper Truck and  Shelter: 1306 Seymour Bay Rd.
The Seymour Arm area falls outside of the fire management strategies  of the CSRD and Government of British Columbia. The water pumper truck is available seasonally to enhance fire prevention strategies in Seymour Arm.

Veronica Lipsett Branch of the Okanogan Library: Seymour Arm Community Hall
Opening hours:
July and August 2017 Fridays 10am – 12pm
Off season : opens during Hall activities

Daniels Ball Diamond: 1306 Seymour Bay Rd